A Safe Space to Learn about our Bodies
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Professional Practice

A 2-day workshop is offered to teachers who would like to incorporate the BC Ministry of Education Guidelines for Sexual Health into their curriculum. This workshop prepares individuals with the tools necessary to teach sexual health in an interactive, meaningful and safe way. Participants will all have an opportunity to teach a 45-minute class and receive constructive feedback from myself and their peers. This workshop allows for a maximum of 8 people to allow time for discussion and presentations.

An 8-hour workshop is offered to professionals who are interested in creating a safer and more inclusive space in their workplace. Some of the topics discussed include gender identity, gender equality, gender expression and sexual orientation. Participants will have an opportunity to assess the current cultural climate and develop strategies to create a more inclusive space in the workplace. This workshop is designed based on the needs of the client. A consultation meeting is required before the workshop to ensure the workshop meets your needs. This workshop may be of interest to health care professionals, teachers, University/College professors, counselors, social workers, early childhood educators, to name a few.


If you are interested in booking a workshop at your child’s school, your place of work, or privately between a group of parents; or if you would like more information, please contact me.