Sacred Learning Space
sexual health education
that is safe, meaningful and all-inclusive.


I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Sexual Health Educator. I have created a comprehensive sexual health education curriculum for students from preschool to Grade 12 that is designed to encourage growth and understanding of our bodies and our minds, and empathy and compassion towards others. BC’s new education curriculum requires that comprehensive sexual health education be taught to students from kindergarten to Grade 10. Teaching this curriculum in a safe space that is trauma-informed, all-inclusive and meaningful which feels comfortable for the teacher and the students is challenging as it required much thought, understanding, self-awareness, resources and time to achieve such a goal. I support teachers through this goal by teaching in their classroom, assist in developing custom lesson plans, or both.

Sharing stories, questions and ideas about our bodies and discussing sexuality can create a sense of vulnerability and uneasiness. Sacred Learning Space ensures that the shared space is respectful of all body stories, which hold various forms of values, identities and experiences. Workshops are offered in the schools, in the workplace and in the community to students, parents, care-givers and care-providers.

Consulting services are offered to teachers who would like to strengthen their capacity to offer positive messaging around intimacy and healthy relationships, gender equality and gender identity, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and body image and sexualization.